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The company is on the fore front of using social media to introduce our products to our customer base. You will not be told to cold call, attack anybody in a 3 foot circle of you, stick flyers all over town or put your company website all over your car.

You will be taught to brand you not the company. We use attraction marketing (which is free) to have people reach out to us inquiring about our products. We use a system called ATM (add, tag and message).

We have private groups where we add potential customers or team mates into so they can learn all about the products or opportunity. Plus it provides social proof as well as It allows anyone on the team to answer a prospects question (provides third party accolades).

Plus we have private team training groups ran by some of the Industry leading social marketers(if you spend anytime learning new marketing skills you have probably bought courses from them(but we get this training free in our private team training groups.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

$40 social marketing fee and a smartship of a point volume of 75 to be commission eligible I can show you how to meet that at around $80

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