Online Juror Jobs – Making Money Participating in Mock Trials

Online mock jurors can earn cash for their participation. Here's a list of online juror jobs to check out!

Online Juror Jobs

Online Juror or Mock Jury Work

By no means is this a full time or part time “job”. This is just another way to use your computer to make a little extra cash online. There won't always be assignments or opportunities – but you can make some extra cash if you get picked. After researching a bit on these types of online jury type opportunities – they do seem legitimate.

What is an Online Juror?

Most of us know what it means to be a juror. Some of us might have even been on a jury or know someone that had jury duty. Thousands of legal cases every year require a jury. Though being an online juror for mock trial purposes doesn't carry the same weight as being jury in a real trial in court — the participation and feedback from an online mock jury can provide invaluable insight for lawyers and trial attorneys.

By allowing qualified people to participate from home, legal teams can practice and hone their cases as they prepare. It helps them discover weaknesses in their case or evidence. And they are willing to pay for this valuable practice with REAL people.

General Requirements:

– US citizen (some offer opps in the UK too)
– At least 18 years of age
– Not convicted of any felonies
– Sound mind and clear mind
– Not be involved in a court proceeding of your own

How Much Do Online Jurors Make?

Specifically for online jurors – the pay ranges around $20 for 20-30 minute mock trials and those that are longer, around $60 in compensation. Though online juror opportunities are what you've probably come to this post to read about, there are in-person mock trials too. These will obviously require a bit more on your part, but in return they pay more too in most cases.

Current Online Mock Juror Jobs

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind when signing up for any online juror job, that you should never have to pay for the opportunity. They should pay YOU. Obviously you will have to provide some personal background information, but this should never include asking you for banking routing/account numbers or debit/credit card numbers.

Resolution Research
– They work with law firms to help them create realistic mock trial with jurors.

Online Verdict
– Provide basic demographic info and when cases are posted, you will receive an email invite. Once they get enough jurors they close participation. 18 years are older.

Jury Talk
– Be a research jury for one day mock trials.

Jury Test
– Sign up to be a “test” juror so that cases can practice and find their weaknesses.

eJury (Details and Review)
– Each verdict rendered earns $5 to $10. USA, all 50 states -must be a citizen of the United States. Cases usually take an average of 35 minutes.

Virtual Jury
– The selection process can seem a bit intimidating, but they need their mock jurors as legit as possible in order to provide the most optimal service to the law firms that hire them.

Mock Juror Paid Opportunities In-Person (Higher Pay)

Sign Up Direct
– These are in person jury opportunities. You can earn anywhere between $100-$150, but you will need to travel and make a bigger time commitment. Typically a day.

Have you been a mock juror or online juror before? Keep reading…

If you've participated in an online trial or mock jury case – please share your experience. I know myself and other readers would love to hear about your experience. As well – if you know of other companies/websites offering this type of opportunity – let me know. The comment section below is for sharing, questions and making this a better resource for those wanting to do online jury type work. Thank you.

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