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Making Money from Home Selling Adorable Occasion Cakes

Can making money from home be as easy as cake? Yes…. actually it can.
Obviously I am always looking for great direct sales companies – and to be honest, I always feel like I've seen it all, tried it all and there's just
nothing out there exciting. And I like direct sales. I think it's an AMAZING way to make money from home for men and women. It's finding a company that fits you. What do I mean?

Let me see.
1. Is the kit affordable?
2. How much mentoring or training do you need/do you get?
3. Are the products something you're passionate about?
4. Are there quotas?
5. Will you/can you do home parties and are they required?
6. Are there advertising restrictions?
7. Can you sell/recruit online?

There are lots of things to ask yourself. I typically go with my gut and my budget. That's enough for me and it's served me well in most cases. Some businesses I just like to try to see if the comp plan works like they “say” it will. Many times it doesn't. I don't like businesses that make you carry stock or sell a ton to stay “active”.

But I am getting off topic here…
I want to talk about The Greeting Cake Company. I have to say – adorable. I am so glad I stumbled upon this company. I thought – ok – these cakes LOOK adorable – says you can make them in 3 minutes using the microwave. They can be for any occasion – so many to choose from. I ordered the kit which was $65. It might seem a little high – but I got plenty of product. I let my 12 year old daughter test a cake. She made it, frosted it, put the sprinkles on, put the candle in – I lit it and she made a wish. (Yes – we did the whole deal!!!) She said the cake was delicious and tasted just like cake made in the oven – only it was made in the microwave.

I thought to myself….these would make great gifts for her to give friends, teachers. Same for my son, husband and me too. We always know people having birthdays, anniversaries, teacher's day, bosses day, secretaries day – I could go on and on. And then the best part – you can do a fundraiser. Let schools and organizations make money selling cakes!

It's surprisingly easy to sell cake. Even in this day and age of “healthy everything”. And I'm not knocking healthy options. I'm very serious when comes to eating right and weight. But that's what's great about these cakes – they are portion size. NO BIG cake to nom nom on for days.

The company is growing – but I am the ONLY one in North Carolina selling right now. So there is so much room for others to build a business. I am enjoying promoting the business and I am making some really nice cash. It fits perfectly with my Avon business – and I really like selling something that no one else is selling. People seem very excited about cute little cakes!

You even get a “cakelink” to use for online cake selling. It's your own personal affiliate link that allows you to advertise and sell cakes online. It costs nothing to have your own url. You can also have the company set up your own cake website for you if you like!! It's ONLY $30 to set up and then $7.50 a month to host it. This is a wonderful way to refer others that don't live near you – but I am finding that local customers are using the link a lot if not more than out-of-towners.

As of April 2017, they are under new ownership.

With this new ownership, there are new rules and guidelines. Due to the changes, I've let my distributorship “expire”. You will need to have a State Sales Tax License that is current and be responsible for retail sales tax of the items you sell.

In order to get all of the most current details on the kit and business opportunity, you can read over the Greeting Cake Company's “Become a Distributor” page.

If you're interested in becoming the next Rep for this company, reserve your spot NOW!


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