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Do You Bake

Are you looking to jumpstart your own home business and start earning some extra income? Do You Bake might just be the company for you. This direct sales company offers an array of delicious products that everyone can enjoy, from sweet to savory. But the company doesn’t just offer yummy munchies – they also provide a unique business opportunity for those of you who are keen to be your own boss. Let’s delve deeper and take a closer look at what Do You Bake has to offer.

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The Products: There are many direct sales companies out there, and Do You Bake stands out from the competition with their emphasis on all-natural ingredients. Their product line includes easy-to-make mixes for baked goods, seasonings, dips, and soups. But what makes them unique is their commitment to using natural, organic, non-GMO, and additive-free ingredients wherever possible to ensure that their products are as healthy as they are delicious. Whether you’re a foodie or someone who’s looking for healthier snack options, Do You Bake definitely has something for you.

do you bake home business

Now let's talk about what you're really interested in – making money. With Do You Bake, you have an opportunity to start your own business as an independent consultant. You can set your own hours, work from home, and make a decent income. You will earn a commission on every sale you make and can also earn bonuses based on your performance and team recruitment. You can also receive discounts on the products you purchase, so you can save money while you build your business.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan at Do You Bake is impressive and simple. First, you can earn a 25% commission on all the sales you make, and this commission will increase to 30% as soon as you achieve the Silver level. You will also get a 2% bonus on team sales when you have recruited at least 2 people and have a monthly sales volume of at least $300. Additionally, there's a 1% bonus on team sales when you have recruited at least 4 people and have a monthly sales volume of at least $1000. With Do You Bake, there are numerous ways to earn money, so if you're up for the challenge, you can certainly make it worthwhile.


Direct sales companies can be tough to navigate, especially when you're starting out. However, Do You Bake has a strong support system in place that will help you succeed in your business. They offer training, mentorship, and business tools to help you grow your business. They also have a Facebook group for the consultants where you can share your ideas, success stories, and ask for advice from other people in the business. The company’s support system is what makes them stand out and is one of the reasons why consultants are happy and successful in their endeavors.

final thoughts

If you're passionate about food and have an entrepreneurial spirit, Do You Bake is worth considering. Not only do they offer a diverse product line, but they also provide an opportunity to start your own business from home. The company is open to anyone who has the drive to succeed, and with the support of a strong team, you can be assured of your achievement. So, take a leap of faith, join the Do You Bake team and see where it takes you. You'll never know until you try! UPDATE: It appears they've gone out of business.

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