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Have a Tupperware party! You’ll find information on Tupperware below and find info for a current Tupperware consultant if we have one listed.

From the Tupperware Corporate site:

Find your freedom with the Tupperware Opportunity, from a refreshingly flexible schedule to free products that you receive via hosting a party, joining and earning a complimentary kit through our Confident Start Program. People all over the world have been earning cash and flourishing socially for almost 70 years through the Tupperware party. Learn how to think big, start small and begin on your entrepreneurial journey with Tupperware now.


Make up to 35% commission on what you sell. Plus, you’ll also receive opportunities to qualify for exclusive products, awards, trips and cash bonuses.


Your schedule is whatever you want it to be! Whether pursuing your passion for Tupperware a few times a week or every day, you date your parties whenever is most convenient for you.


Get the knowledge you need to succeed with extensive online support materials, training events, responsive Customer Care reps, and a supportive community of Tupperware business owners.


Involvement in your Tupperware community means new friends—lots of them! The nature of the business is excitingly social, so you’re guaranteed to make a TFF (Tupperware Friend Forever).

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