MyPoints Review – A Legit Survey Site?

My readers are always asking about survey sites and cashback sites. I tend to be pretty picky about survey sites, as I don't want to waste my time using one, nor do I want my readers to. So, good or bad… when I review a survey site like MyPoints — I want it to be honest.

One of the biggest issues with survey sites, is weirdly enough, actually getting to take surveys. If you're any kind of online “extra cash” go-getter, then you know what I mean. How many times have you tried to take a survey and been dinged “ineligible”? It can be frustrating. It's one of the reasons I love PaidViewPoint. I don't think I've ever been turned away from a survey there.

Is MyPoints Legit?

Lets just get this question out of the way. Yes, MyPoints is a legitimate company with thousands of positive reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot. They are one of the original earn points” sites. And – as many of you know, I have used Swagbucks for years and they have acquired MyPoints. That alone lets us know they are in good hands. Swagbucks has seen MUCH success over the years. 

My Points – Is It User Friendly?

First and foremost, MyPoints is free to use and easy to sign up for. Their dashboard is easy to use and navigate. Each offer clearly notes the amount of points you can earn for each activity or survey.

Taking surveys seems a bit off, I must say. MyPoints, from what I can tell acts more like a portal to surveys from all over the web. Their dashboard is just an easy way to tap into them. This has good and bad value if you ask me.

The Good: You log into one place and have all these opps easily aggregated to one place. They also have bonus offers. Especially for brand new members. Right now you'll get $10 for spending $20 or more. Considering all the offers they have, this would not be hard to do. I use Chewy every month for pet food and was easily able to get the $10 bonus.

The Bad: You'll be taking qualification surveys before you even take the surveys. And that's if you qualify. But you'll still get 5 points for trying, which is much better than nothing.

Spending time qualifying seems dumb. If you're profile is filled out, then they should show you what you qualify for and not a bunch of surveys you don't. Again, this is another reason I like sites like PaidViewPoint. You fill out your demographics and they bring the surveys TO YOU.

How Can You Earn Points?

MyPoints gives the user a LOT of opportunities to earn. You won't be stuck just doing surveys. Below I have broken down how you can earn.

1. Explore Deals and Discounts
2. Online Surveys
3. Playing video games and mobile games
4. Referrals
5. Reading emails with special promotions in them
6. Watching videos
7. Printing/Using Coupons
8. Using their search engine for your searches (It's Yahoo!)
9. Shopping through their featured retailers

**Remember to always check out the Daily Deals on your homepage.

Signing Up for MyPoints is Easy

Typical of all “survey” sites, you'll simply fill out your profile by answering personal questions. These are basic questions and nothing complicated or too invasive.

You'll then receive an email that allows you to confirm your sign up. You can then log in and get started on earning your points!

You can start earning points and be able to redeem them for over 75 different gift cards! A few are shown below to give you an idea of what's available.

Gift cards you can use to redeem your MyPoints points

Final Thoughts

MyPoints is legit. It's free and the sign up process is easy. They give you many ways to earn and lots of rewards that you can use to redeem those points. 

Making a concerted effort, the opportunity for rewards by users seems doable and worth the time.

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