Advertising Refund Policy and Product Refund Policy

If your ad is not ran on the scheduled/promised date, or in an erroneous spot, we will promptly re-schedule your ad in the next available spot. Due to weather, ISP service and mail list hosts–we cannot control all aspects of your ad running. The utmost care goes into making sure your scheduled ad is ran.

We are not responsible for lack of interest in your ad once it's run or begins running. You will not receive a refund because of lack of interest.

We are not responsible for editing your ad. We do take the time to skim your ad for typos or misspellings, but ultimately YOU are responsible for your ads grammatical standing.

If you cancel your ad for whatever reason and it's already been placed, ran or put on the schedule you will not receive a refund.

Third Party Merchandise:, Inc does not sell merchandise or memberships–we are not a retailer. Any products or services sold on our site other than advertising are via a third party. We are not responsible for those third parties refunds. Including—but not limited to The NHA Home Employment Directory.

Please make sure when you are purchasing any items advertised on that you make note of the retailer and the payment processor incase you have issues later. Because of the massive amount of advertisers on our site, we simply cannot logistically track third party orders as they are not transacted through our site.

We ask you to be aware of who you are purchasing from and to make sure they offer a reputable, secure payment processing system, have a refund policy (that you have read) and contact information in case you need it for future reference.


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