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MIG has finally launched into the direct sales world and I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity with you! Have you ever wanted to be involved with something amazing and better? What I mean by that is not just selling product. I mean being apart of a community of men and women who are real and authentic.

Have you ever wanted to join a company from the beginning? Now is your chance to join a company just as we launch. Have you been looking to incorporate cleaner ingredients and non toxic products into your daily routine? I was looking for safer products for my family when I was approached by a friend about the opportunity of joining MIG. When MIG was presented to me I knew this is where I was suppose to be and where my journey was suppose to start in direct sales.

If you have been looking for skincare without the harsh chemicals, MIG just may be for you! This exciting company just launched into the Direct Sales industry after nine years of operation and a multimillion-dollar success online. The owner decided in was time to take her company and bless others by transitioning into direct sales.

Based out of Colorado Springs, the MIG company manufactures pure, powerfully activated skin & body care products crafted with farm fresh botanicals & wildcrafted herbs. We are not just a skincare company. We also just launched with a Collagen, Brain Activation Nootropic, Premium Detox Cleanse and Cuticle Serum as well!

The owner always says “Come as you are but don't stay there”.

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Kits are $197 – $997, $99 yearly fee, $20 monthly website fee

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