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Engage-Global is the exclusive distributor for a patent-protected nutritional supplement, Micro Daily.

This product had previously been named Military Micronutrient Formulation. The development of this formulation was requested by the U.S. Marine Corps Support Command to protect our soldiers “From the Inside Out”.

From the company website:

“Inflammation and poor nutrition are the most significant enemies to your health. Our daily product protocol has been designed to combat inflammation and provide the nourishment your body needs precisely when and how you need it. 14 clinical trials and $24+ Million in research and development validate the efficacy and formulation process. This ensures that there are no compromises in our product development and there never will be. Because you deserve to be the healthiest and best you that you can be. There are no products on the market that can compete with our world-class standard and there never will be.”

How Much Does it Cost to Join Engage-Global?

$29 – $49-$200 product is included with $49 & $200 enrollment

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