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Calling all writers who are tired of hearing that Chat GPT can replace them and who want to show off their skills to the world.

We're a very small but surprisingly powerful digital media company in the process of revamping an existing site that's all about building strong, healthy relationships.

We've got a great plan in place, but we need some talented writers to help push this thing to the next level.

What we need writers who can:

– Speak knowledgeably and credibly about relationships and dating.

– Write content that truly stands out from the crowd.

– Convey a unique tone and voice in their writing that doesn't sound like all the other content on the web.

– Take a stance and be opinionated.

– Connect with younger audiences in the US using slang, pop culture references, and engaging content that can keep up with TikTok attention spans.

– Deliver the same high level of content consistently.

– Own their work, be independent, but also be a team player.

What you can expect:

– Consistent work: you tell us your availability and we'll keep you busy.

– Regular feedback from a senior editor to help make you an even better writer.

– Flexible working hours: our team is spread from New Hampshire, USA all the way to New South Wales, Australia. You work when it's most convenient from you.

– Weekly pay

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