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Declutter Your Home

As I'm typing this, I am thinking about my garage. If it weren't for complete and utter shame and embarrassment, I'd post a picture. I just cannot bring myself to. When we downsized six years ago, we had to get a storage unit for some of our things that we no longer had space for, but wanted to keep. After paying $110 a month for this unit for two years, I decided to stop. How? I brought it all home and put it into my already stuffed garage. A lot of it was furniture. Two HUGE armoires, chairs, tables… and usual garage stuff too.

I've made small efforts over the last 4 years. I've shuffled things around. I sold one of the armoires. I gave away two chairs. And I donated $1000 in brand new StampinUp scrapbooking supplies, tools and craft items to Goodwill. Still — my garage is messy. I certainly can't get my car in there. Every time I walk out there to empty the kitty boxes or try to find my gardening tools… I cringe.

Decluttering the Scariest Space in Your Home

Obviously, for me… the scariest space is my one car garage. It's a masterpiece of chaos. But no more. I'm going to take my scariest space and on my own, try to organize it. There are some big pieces out there that I don't know what to do with. Like a twin bed base that's motorized to raise or lower the head of the bed. My son bought this and decided not to use it… and here it sits. (Grrrrr…) I have a dryer that was part of a set that I bought, but because I moved into a house with a washer and dryer in it already — I use them. I DID sell the washer that was with my set. The dryer needs a new belt, so I have hesitated to try and sell it. But – no, not anymore. I might just give it away.

It will take me some time to declutter – but I am ready. I am especially ready now that I have the tools (and inspiration) to do it. I'm no longer afraid or overwhelmed. I have a plan. And I want to share with you what I'm using and doing.

It's Time to Get Organized!

I'm not talking just your garage, or my garage… or a closet. I'm talking about the cluttery chaos that permeates everywhere in our lives and keeps us from having a less stressful and overwhelmingly more joyful life. How does that sound?

Less stressful.

More joyful.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

The Tools and Guides You Need to Get Organized

You're thinking, what can help me organize every aspect of my life? What can help me live my life with less chaos, help me declutter, plan healthy meals, decorate tastefully on a budget and more? Yeah, me too! I found all of that and more with this wonderful Homemaking Bundle. This bundle is amazing.


How so?

It's jam-packed with 30 eCourses & Videos, 28 eBooks, 25 printable packs, 16 workbooks, 3 summits & 2 membership sites! Yep!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I've started devouring every single item. And it's what's giving me the strength, tools, knowledge and gumption to not only clean out my garage — but to bring more order to my life. I fell into the trap of “stuff”. And it's been costly, in so many ways. I racked up credit card debt buying “things” and I have stuff that I don't even have room for any more or need since we downsized. I spent more money than I saved because I “thought” I HAD to have that couch, or those “dishes”.

And when my earnings went south – not only did I have a lot of STUFF… but I had a lot of regrets too. I'm not a dumb person, but I've made some bad choices. (Can anyone relate?)

If you're anything like me — and sometimes feel like you're swimming against the tide or dog-paddling through the stress and uncertainty in your life — this might be the “strength” you need to start taking steps. As I'm organizing and learning using everything in my bundle, I have even come to the conclusion that maybe I need to sell my house. Maybe find something even smaller, more affordable. Or even consider an apartment – something I have scoffed at my entire adult life.

I guess we all need a catalyst to help us see life through a different lens. This was mine. Because of that, I just wanted to share. I realize it still costs something at $29.97, but I've wasted more than 100 times that much digging myself into a hole. For less than thirty bucks, I think I see light at the end of the tunnel (at the very least, a light inside my cramped, dusty, moldy garage!)

Everything You'll Receive in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

If you want to see every, wonderful item you get in this bundle, which includes 104 products worth $2,294.37 for only $29.97, I've got everything listed here.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019