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Tuning Element created a non-invasive technology that supports the normal function of the Human Biofield which helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our products basically help the body help itself through low-range frequencies permanently embedded into jewelry, patches, and water bottles to support pain management and other issues.

Think of Tuning Element products like a flash drive for your body. Our products have beneficial frequency data stored permanently in them, but they need a ‘computer’ (you) to function. You provide the power when it touches your skin because your body produces electricity every second. Likewise, these frequencies are “read” by corresponding cells and their natural response is to function better, thus you function and feel better.

Many who have benefited from Tuning Element products often want to share this new discovery with others. Our dealership program makes it easy to do so. Think of how many people you know who are living with chronic issues. Our products help support pain management, and while we don't diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease, nearly a quarter million people have experienced our technology since we started in 2010.

We currently have about 50 dealers nationwide – and roughly 20 states without any dealer…yet. Contact us today to see how wide open your area is. We'd also be happy to send some free patch samples of our product for qualified individuals who are serious about offering our product through your channels. You can add this to an existing business, sell at trade shows, host home parties, or share success stories on social media and follow up with your network of friends. You can start part-time or full-time and work where you want, when you want. Find natural health practitioners in your area and give them a commission for carrying your inventory at their location. There are tons of business models and options.

Please consider what your business plan would look like and who you plan to market to as you take the next step in becoming an Authorized Tuning Element Dealer. Simply email with your contact info to get started.

Newly Authorized Tuning Element Dealers start their business with the best frequency wellness health products on the market today. With a business where customers quickly see the difference in their body, you can quickly change your life as you’re helping others change their lives at the same time.

Tuning Element is committed to our dealer’s success through ongoing communications, sales & product trainings, and professional marketing material templates ready for your use. E-Commerce support and exclusive dealer pricing on select new products are also part of the package.

Looking forward to helping you take the next step in making money by helping people with a new approach to helping their body help itself!
Dealerships with 50%-70% off retail pricing for $5K-$15K annually

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Dealerships with 50%-70% off retail pricing for $5K-$15K annually

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