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Have you heard of this revolutionary makeup line that also helps reduce signs of aging??!! It's called Senegence!! The anti-aging ingredient is a patented formula called SenePlex, and is included in all of our skincare and makeup items that are a creamy texture. This includes eye shadows, foundation, tinted moisturizer, blush, & concealers as well as lotions, body wash, moisturizers, Sunless Tanner, Sunblock, make up primer, anti-wrinkle cream, perfume and so much more. Why wouldn't you use a product that will help reduce wrinkles when it's something you would use daily anyhow?

The SenePlex ingredient was tested by an independent third-party company to show it's effectiveness, and the results were that it increases cell renewal by 23%. That means that your skin cells regenerate 23% faster when using these products and end up raising any fine lines and wrinkles closer to the surface. When these appear less deep, you look younger!! Research has also shown that people with sensitive skin are 33% more likely to be able to use these products without any skin reaction because of their formulation as well. We don't carry many samples because all of the products are a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the color doesn't match or you don't like it after your purchase, it can be returned or exchanged through me really easily.

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