Remote Peer Support Moderator | $15.50 an hour

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Are you passionate about supporting others through their life struggles?  Do you currently have or have you ever had a background in psychology, counseling, coaching, or emotional wellness training? Have others in your life shared that you’re easy to talk to, warm, and a good listener? Do you enjoy communicating with others via text or chats?

If so, we welcome you to apply for the Peer Support Moderator role. Supportiv Peer Support Moderators guide, facilitate, and safeguard our 24/7 peer-to-peer small group chats. The position is a part-time contractor role, which does not include employee status or benefits. The role is 100% online/fully remote/work from home. Moderators designate their own flexible hours. Moderators may be eligible for incentives based on time commitment and work performance. All global time zones are welcome!

US: $15.50/hour

Global: Varies per standard country wages

We seek candidates with:

  • Passion for emotional health and mental wellness
  • Capacity to provide judgment-free support on a wide range of topics
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills such as active listening, validation, empathy, open-ended questioning, and group facilitation
  • Ability to self-edit advice giving or armchair therapy (both strictly prohibited) and follow protocols
  • Openness to learning new skills, participating in ongoing training, and taking feedback towards continuous professional improvement
  • Eagerness to think about experiences through chat participants’ perspective
  • Willingness to offer suggestions on how to improve the moderator and chat participants’ experience

Job requirements:

  • Age 18+
  • Written and verbal fluency in English, including colloquialisms and slang
  • Strong reading comprehension skills
  • Tech-savviness and strong internet connection
  • Minimum commitment of 5 hours of moderating per week
  • Completion of a thorough qualification assessment (online, approximately six hours at your own pace and assisted by provided lessons) including topics such as empathy, tone, active listening, unconscious bias detection and response, conflict de-escalation, radical acceptance, and mental health basics..
  • Completion of extended paid training on digital rapport building, group facilitation, reframing, collaborative problem solving, crisis protocols, troll detection and removal, resource sharing, competence boundaries, specialized topics & populations, trauma-informed care, and moderator wellness.
  • Successful mastery of moderating skills demonstrated via exam and scenario testing
  • Ongoing training, skill development, and performance feedback

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