Remote Content Moderators

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What is a “Mod”?

The Mods provide customer support, content moderation, trust and safety, community management, and social media services. They answer support requests, review posts, and engage with communities across all platforms including the web, apps, games, and, of course, on social. And they do it for all kinds of companies large and small.

As a Mod, you might be helping a customer over the phone or responding to a technical request using help desk software. You might be scanning text, reviewing images, or monitoring video. You might be play testing games or being a company’s eyes and ears on social media. You could be working for your favorite retailer, a nonprofit, or a social network. Heck, these days, you might be patrolling a virtual world.

So Mods are just customer support agents?

Nope! Mods are independent customer experience experts. Mods pick their own projects based on their passions and skills while agents get assigned work whether they're interested in it or not. Mods set their own schedule and agents have their schedules set for them. Mods work remotely, agents work from wherever they are told — usually a cubicle.

Who are the Mods?

Mods come from all backgrounds. We have Mods who are stay-at-home parents, and even grandparents. We have students and retirees. We have military spouses and ex-military. We have people who prefer to work from home, and people who have to work from home.

Where are the Mods?

The Mods are everywhere! We have Mods in over 90 countries.

Why do you call it Mod Contractor?

Because Mods are independent contractors, not employees. What does it mean for you? You have the freedom to choose the projects and the schedule that works best for your lifestyle. It also means managing the logistics of being your own boss: procuring equipment, finding a proper place to work, and the financial responsibilities that come with being a contractor.


Where do Mods work?

Remotely! You can work from any location that is private, secure, and noiseless. Most Mods work from a home office.

ModSquad does have some offices and operations centers for specific business functions and for projects that have specialized requirements. They’re staffed by employees. Mod Contractors are fully remote.

One place you won’t find a Mod? Stuck in a grey cubicle in a nondescript building on the outskirts of town.

What equipment will I need?

A computer: a laptop or desktop. Sorry, but Chromebooks and tablets won’t cut it.

An internet connection: one that is reasonably fast and reliable.

A mobile phone for two-factor authentication.

Some projects have more specific requirements. But in general, if you can browse and stream without too much lag or your fan sounding like it is going to send your computer into orbit, you should be good.

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