Remote Bilingual Writing Coach

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Description: The Brethren Academy Bilingual Writing Coach assists domestic and international Brethren Academy students to improve their writing and editing skills to help them succeed in their non-graduate certificate level ministry training programs. This position will be considered an independent contractor, with payment to be made upon submission of monthly invoices. Both parties will agree on an hourly rate at the start of each academic fiscal year, with a set cap per semester. That cap may change from semester to semester based upon student need.

Major Responsibilities

  • Meet virtually with Brethren Academy students for introductions and to discuss the writing assistance that will be available to them. At minimum, this will include one annual meeting each with English-Language and Spanish-Language students.
  • Coordinate with students, Brethren Academy staff, and instructors as appropriate to help students meet course expectations.
  • Communicate with students to determine their specific needs for assistance as well as the format(s) that will work best for providing that assistance.
  • Make clear to students that writing and editing assistance does not replace their need to complete assigned coursework on their own and that accountability ultimately rests with each student.
  • Track student use – documenting the number of students helped, the hours involved, and the nature of the assistance in order the help the Brethren Academy to further develop this program.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • An undergraduate degree with a preference for a degree in ministry studies, as well as a commitment to the vision and mission of the Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership.
  • Excellent writing, editing, and critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate clearly in both written and verbal formats.
  • Fluency in both the English and Spanish languages.
  • The successful candidate will have a knowledge of academic institutions, possess computer skills relevant to word processing, and demonstrate an ability to helpfully work with students of varying levels of writing ability.

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