Freelance Content Writer – Remote


How does it work?
If you're accepted into Contentfly’s writer network, you can use our dashboard to review all available jobs, submit your content, communicate with the client, and more. It’s that easy!

The job will include a brief, required length, compensation details, and the deadline for submission details.

If everything looks good on your end, you can claim the job, produce the content and have it completed by the deadline. You then invoice us weekly and we direct deposit amounts owed to your bank account within 5 business days.

How do we differ from other writing platforms and agencies?
We provide a convenient way for you, as a writer, to just write and let us handle just about everything else:

  • We know not every content piece is the same, so we offer dynamic pricing based on niche, format, deadlines, and more!
  • Claim only the jobs you're interested in writing about
  • No minimum claim quotas
  • No need to submit proposals
  • No waiting for client approval to get paid
  • Direct deposit payment – no hefty PayPal fees!
  • In-app communication with the client if you need more details
  • Excellent support!

Like what you see and think you’re a perfect fit to join our growing network of writers? Apply today, our team will be in contact shortly.

  • Average project duration is usually around five days (~1000 words). You can take on as many projects at once as you want.
  • Compensation for writing is typically US$0.05/word, depending on complexity, niche, and other factors. You'll see compensation details next to every job available to you.
  • This is a freelance position; you're compensated based on the number of words you write.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time


  • Flexible schedule

To apply for this job please visit


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