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Are you looking for a flexible gig you can do from home? We are always looking for friendly and attentive independent contractors to join our network of remote customer service representatives. Get a head start and begin your application today to get early access to apply directly to opportunities as soon as they become available.

At Working Solutions, we work with top national brands to humanize their customer experience. When you join our network of remote customer care PROs, aka “the WooHoo! Crew”, you will have access to work on contracts exclusive to Working Solutions.

Ready for early access?

Click “Apply Now”, update your profile, and add your skills and experience. You will then be prompted to complete an online assessment (takes 20-30 minutes) and non-invasive PC scan. After successfully completing the PC scan, you will have access to view both open and “Coming Soon” opportunities and apply directly to our open client program contracts.

At times, we may give our current PROs first access to open opportunities to ensure they have the ability to apply for other programs and schedule more hours. When this happens, you may see opportunities showing as “Coming Soon” within our Vyne applicant portal before they're open to new applicants.

Why join the WooHoo! Crew ? There are many perks to contracting with us:

  • Work from home: Say goodbye to commuting hassles and hello to the convenience of working from home.
  • Work when it's convenient for you: Flexibility is the name of the game. Schedule your own hours and enjoy the freedom of creating a schedule that works best for you.
  • Gain experience in different industries: Expand your skillset and broaden your horizons while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Supportive environment: We’re there to help so you can focus your efforts on bringing top-notch service to the customers we serve.

Earnings Potential

  • Contract pay rates vary depending on the client, but we make sure we offer the best rates that we can to our contractors.
  • Working Solutions contractors have earned up to $19+/hour (paid by the minute).


  • When you join Working Solutions, you work when it's convenient for you.
  • Our contract hours range from 15 to 40+ hours per week. Flexible schedule opportunities – you create your own schedule!
  • Program hours of operation will vary by client. Create your own schedule by selecting the available hours that are convenient for you.
  • You can schedule time in a little as 15-minute increments giving you a ton of flexibility!

Skills Needed

  • Sincere desire to assist the customer
  • Tech savvy and avid computer user
  • Ability to multi-task and navigate multiple systems
  • Communicate with a friendly tone and professional demeanor

Work Environment Requirements:

  • Quiet, uninterrupted space
  • Organized desk area

Technology Requirements

  • Personal computer (no tablet)
  • Broadband internet connection, recommended at least 10 MBPS
  • Wired internet connection (no wi-fi or mobile internet)
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system
  • Mac users: Mac acceptance is limited to Intel-based machines with Windows 11 installed via Apple’s Boot Camp utility
  • Valid antivirus software installed, running and up to date
  • Wired USB headset with microphone

Important Information

We are currently unable to work with contractors residing in California, New York, Pennsylvania, or Washington. Contractors must also successfully pass a criminal background check.

Contractual Relationship: The relationship between you and Working Solutions is a contractual relationship. You will remain an independent contractor for the duration of this program assignment. Working Solutions will not be responsible for withholding taxes on your earnings while contracted with Working Solutions. When you receive your contract, you will be asked to agree to have no claim against Working Solutions hereunder or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, Social Security, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, overtime, unemployment insurance benefits or employee benefits of any kind. 

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To apply for this job please visit apply.workingsolutions.com.