Content Writer – Work at home

Website Buildkite

We are building a platform for running fast, secure and scalable continuous integration pipelines. Our focus is building quality tools to help developers ship software more efficiently.

We are a distributed company and we deeply care about our team. We do not keep set office hours and we are spread over ~7 timezones. Our VP of Marketing is based in PST so we are looking for a contractor who’s happy to have their work day overlap to work closely with her.

We are looking for a part time writer to support case studies, blogs and other materials. We are looking for someone who is excited about DevOps and would be thrilled to work with members of our community.

Some things that will be useful to know about 

  • Experience with CI/CD solutions, especially Buildkite.
  • Understanding of Buildkite as a company.
  • Ability to influence the team and encourage participation in content strategy through videos, graphics and other media to bring their ideas to life.
  • Broad understanding of coding languages and how to read code samples generally
  • Understanding of marketing principles and content marketing strategies

What you’ll do

  • Organize, create and work with marketing and engineering teams to post case studies.
  • Provide assistance to engineering teams for blogs: interview, write, edit, help to post.
  • Depending on your interests and background, write and post your own blog entries.
  • Ensure that content conforms to SEO best practices.


To apply for this job please visit