$99Social is Hiring Freelance Writers (many topics) Work at Home

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We are a growing, fast-paced Social Media company, specializing in marketing for small- to medium-sized businesses. We are looking for freelance writers to write short social media posts, and curate articles and images for our clients. No copywriting experience required, but must speak and write fluent English to be considered.

We have grown our social media posting service through our passion for helping small businesses grow. Now we need your help creating engaging social media content for our clients. Our goal is to find freelancers who like social media and want to help small business owners just like we do.

Requirements for this position:

  1. Must be able to speak and write English without mistakes. Native English speakers strongly preferred. Great spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are required.
  2. Must be organized and able to work from home with no micro-management. All assigned tasks must be done in the time allotted, each week. A minimum number of social posts are due once per week for every client assigned to you.
  3. Must be able to use Google or Bing to search the internet for blog posts and other content pieces that meet your assigned clients’ needs. All content must be new. We do not allow reusing of pieces between clients.
  4. Must be able to submit quality content on time every week. No exceptions, unless notice is given two weeks prior.
  5. Must be able to take constructive criticism with a positive attitude. We are servicing business owners who make their money using our business and they routinely send us feedback that is not always positive.
  6. You will be finding content pieces (blog posts, news articles, etc.) using a search engine. You will then use one of our approved image sites to find a relevant image. You will write a short piece of copy in English to go along with the content and image that you found, including a call-to-action or other engaging wording. You will then add each of these pieces into a spreadsheet and upload the sheet to our posting platform.
  7. Must have a working computer and reliable internet access. This job cannot be done using a tablet or smartphone.
  8. Must be able to work Monday through Friday (US time) on accounts as they are assigned to you. Content for brand new accounts is due within 48 hours. Content for previously held accounts is due every week on the same weekday.

What happens if you join our team? First, you will be given access to our online training program. You will have 5 days to complete the mandatory 7-8 hours of training. There will be one assignment per training module that will be reviewed by your manager, who will provide feedback about your performance on the task. All expectations will be clearly outlined and you should have a complete understanding of your job duties by the final training module, at which time you will be assigned your first few accounts.

This is a flexible, work-from-home position, but you will be expected to complete your full workload each week — no exceptions unless two weeks notice is given. The number of hours you work each week will vary based on the number of accounts you choose to take on. Due to our continued growth, you may be assigned new accounts daily (M-F) and new accounts must have content posted within 48 hours of you receiving the assignment.

You will be paid a flat rate per account, per month. As you take on more accounts, your income will increase, so the more accounts you have, the more money you make!

JOB URL: https://99dollarsocial.com/content-specialist-position/

To apply for this job please visit 99dollarsocial.com.


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