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Heritage Makers is a top of the line digital publisher of storybooks, scrapbooks, photo canvases, gift cards, business supplies, and many photo gifts such as cookbooks, calendars and playing cards.

Heritage Makers appeals to a computer/internet savvy consultant.  Consultants do workshops in homes as standard in other direct sales companies, but we also do demos online using GoToMeeting which eliminates any restrictions of territory or locale.

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Advantages of this company include no software to download on your computer: wherever you have internet access, you can access your business and your account.  Customers do not purchase art collections, instead they have access to all the art available online thru Heritage Makers, art which is updated monthly, making it possible for the discriminating designer to be proud of her creations.

Singularly, Heritage Makers' compensation plan has a true “residual income” component. Clients purchase a recurring membership that provides them with publishing points at a 25-35% discount, which in turn pays the consultant commission each month the membership continues.

Heritage Makers is in tune with the times: digital publishing solves the problems of what to do with your photos, how to preserve your memories when you have precious little time, and makes it possible to publish stunning storybooks and more with no talent required!

Costs Involved with Starting a Heritage Makers at Home Business:

$50 for a “Hobbyist” kit; $150 for a “Business Builder” kit, which includes one free month of membership in Club HM.

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