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A to Z Expressions is the real deal in “ground breaking companies”! We are small but mighty and growing at a rapid pace. Unlike the typical Direct Sales/ Multi-Level Marketing companies, all items you sell are sold for profit. You simply include the letter art that you want in your inventory and sell it at open houses, gift shops, flower shops, or anywhere else your products can be adored. There are no catalogs or products to buy that will go out of date or sit in a room waiting to be sold. You get everything in your starter kit that you need to build your dream into a successful business.

We offer a starter kit with an 8:1 ratio (That means that your kit turns $8 dollars for every dollar you put in it).
Your kit comes with every single thing you need, to start selling the second you receive it, and that includes a full product stock for customers to take their creation with them as soon as they create it.

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A LIMIT to the amount of Independent Business Owners in an effort to prevent saturation like many other DS/ MLM companies. See other Art and Gift Direct Sales Company

No other company offers this kind of product, compensation, and consideration for their consultants. Not to mention a quality team, top-notch support, and appreciation. This is not another “direct sales” company or just a job. It is an investment in YOUR BUSINESS and this business is one the will have a positive impact on your life forever.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, and Discover.” Mark Twain

Costs Involved with Starting a A to Z Expressions at Home Business:

The cost to join A to Z Expressions is $450 and comes with 657 proofs, 657 photos in quality decorative boxes, frames, glass blocks, clips, dust cloth, table cloth, table top display in nice frame, order forms, 1,000 heavy duty glossy (professionally designed and printed) business cards, and a Facebook fan page created for YOU! Remember, A to Z Expressions is the only company with an 8:1 ratio meaning this kit can and will make you over $3,200!!!! What are you waiting for?


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