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How to find work at home!

Finding Work at Home Jobs and Employment

Work at Home? For Real?

I’m gonna let you in on a work at home secret that I have discovered after doing years of work at home research and trying to make an extra income myself.

Work at Home JOBS are scarce! (the really good ones, anyway!)

There, I said it. Now….don’t get all bent out of shape, or feel the need to give up. When I was looking for work at home and a way to supplement my family’s income, I just decided to dedicate time each day to my search.

I ended up working as a chat room moderator, a writer and a web designer! How did I find these REAL work at home opportunities? I searched and searched. I had to take a test for the moderator job and I had to have certain office equipment and programs on my computer. That was certainly easy enough for me. The writer’s position was writing descriptions of places to eat, sleep and explore in the city I live in. I simply applied to the ad with a  professional resume, writing examples and highlighted the writing classes I had taken in college. I also sent a personalized cover letter expressing my genuine interest and qualifications.

I know for the most part, I’m singing to the choir here –most of us out there working for work at home already know we need a GOOD resume and a personal cover letter when responding to telecommuting or work at home positions. Salaries will also depend on your qualifications. So make sure you’re as ready as you can be. From what I’ve learned, most positions that are done from home pay low wages. So…be prepared to make around minimum wage and work part time hours.

For this reason, I decided to explore other ways to meet my financial goals. With the jobs scarce and competition steep, I knew I needed to find multiple streams on income and not just bank on ONE check.

This might be something you’ll want to explore as well. There are fabulous home businesses, with outstanding reputation and credentials. There are also tons of ideas out there for starting your own work at home business.

Finding out what you want to do, can do and absolutely won’t do –is where I would start. That way you can weed through everything quickly. If you won’t do sales….then you know most “home party” type businesses are out for you. (Although there are TONS of people with no sales experience at all making $100,000 or more a year by doing direct sales!)

There are more job sites on the internet now than there have ever been. Look through them ALL. Not just the big name ones, but the small more specified ones too. You can also search geographically too! Do not limit yourself. I’ve kept a list of job sites that I have used for over 3 years on the net. I add new sites and delete ones that are no longer working.

Remember that the job of your dreams can be found. Just be realistic and diligent. Your finances will benefit and so will you if you find a career or position that fits you and your budget.

I’m always reading emails from other’s that are job searching on the Net or offering ways to find work at home. Recently I’ve had a few emails from people that have used HomeJobStop to research work at home. They’ve been around since 1999. From their site: “Homejobstop has been a worldwide leader in the work from home job market for the last five years.” There is a membership fee to access this site – but it’s minimal.

A newer website on the scene is LegitOnlineJobs. They are listed with the BBB and offer a refund up to eight weeks after purchasing a membership to their job database. From their site: “ has been established to provide individuals from around the world with the most popular and rewarding work at home opportunities available on the web today.”


Be wise when researching, and be open to all the tools out there. I remember the first work at home job I got – I had never been so excited. It fit perfectly into my schedule. My second child was only 1 at the time – so it was such a blessing. That chat moderator job….. it didn’t pay a lot and it was part time – but it made the difference I needed to stay home. And trust me…I had been close to giving up months before I got it!

Be good to yourself. Keep searching.


  1. says


    I’ve never had any complaints about them – but if it ends up they aren’t giving quality info or not getting back with their customers – then I will be removing them off my site as a resource.

  2. CaroLeigh says

    Kelly, I just joined LegitOnlineJobs. I was surprised that after you pay, you don’t get any further info. I had to go back in the landing page and use the chat to ask what’s up. They “have no phone service” and said I would receive my username and password within 24 hours. What’s up with this? I am feeling uneasy about this decision.

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