1. Tracia tinzie says

    My email must be in lower case letters. I would like to joinAvon but was wondering if there were hidden charges that Avon bill you for regardless if you have an order or not? If so what are they usually for?

  2. fely funwi says

    please what about me, living in Cameroon, Central Africa? Can you please give me informations about online business applicable in my region?

  3. says

    I place the order and then I deliver them to my customers. If they don’t pay me, they don’t get their order. This is the way I prefer to do it, in case there are returns. Just makes life easier. I rarely have someone that doesn’t pay. But I guess you could ask for payments up front if you like. I am sure there are reps that probably do this.
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  4. Krystle says

    I’ve done direct sales with another company before and I was curious if with Avon you have to pay upfront for orders placed for customers even if you have not yet received their money? I ended up buying a lot of extra product to meet goals and then having extra product that was not ordered, as you know, beauty products are so specific it is hard to guess what your customers will want and with this company we did not get a “paycheck” of our commissions, we ordered at a discounted rate if we ordered a certain dollar amount. So I ended up with a lot of unused product paid for by myself.

  5. Victoria Esparza says

    I am a former rep. I stayed owing a balance that went to collections, I’m now almost done paying it and would like to know if Avon policy would allow me to sell again?
    The reason for default was due to medical issues and subsequent surgeries.

  6. carol says

    I want to sign up for avon under a friend of mine. but……. I only want to use it for myself and not sell it. is this ok? or will it affect my friend that im under?

  7. Cris Brown says

    Kelly, came across your site while doing research for a college class: Internet Marketing. Thanks for an honest appraisal of the Avon business.
    I agree, it’s not for everyone; I would never try to push anyone into signing up. I love working for myself, always have and always will.
    Question, is Money Making Mommy your web site or do you write for it?

  8. says

    I get paid a few days after each campaign – there are typically two campaigns a month – every two weeks. As long as you’ve paid your bill and you have a profit owed, you get paid.

  9. says

    Thanks for the reply. I have been extremely sick so when I get back on my feet, things might look better since I think when I looked of the Avon application I did not feel at all well. Get back to it when I am improved. Hopefully will not be sick like this after I make the leap.

  10. says

    I don’t think you have to have an employer to sell Avon! Many put down homemaker. I do know they have had to change some things about becoming a rep due to so many default accounts. People signing up, ordering products and never paying. So they have a credit rating system – but no one knows exactly what that is. I’ve been selling Avon for years and never defaulted on a payment or been late with a payment – but I have still been given a credit limit and I cannot go over it.
    PayPal offers a debit card if you’re needing a credit card. I use my PayPal debit card all the time.
    Maybe I am not understanding your question exactly – want to help :-)
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  11. says

    I went to sell Avon since I love the product so much, but I only have paypal, so will have to wait on it. They also want an employer. if I had one, I would not be making this a job I want to really pursue. this will be my employer. I was slightly put off by this though I do know it is a sideline of some. Nice if they just stated if you are employed other than wanting to do Avon?
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  12. Dawn Smith says

    In trying to sign up and I’m not sure how to do it,id love to start selling Avon so if you could please contact me.

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